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Founded by a Therapist. Run by a Therapist.

As a previous client in therapy and a practicing therapist for many years, I’ve come to understand the hopes and difficulties from both ends. As a client, I want to work with a therapist who is experienced, compassionate, and skilled; but the high price tag of traditional therapy makes it hard to sustain long-term. As a therapist who runs a private practice, the office fees and traveling time involved in maintaining my practice force me to charge a certain fee in order to stay afloat. By creating a platform that allows both therapists and clients to connect online freely, instead of being bound by cost, distance, or schedule, it solves these problems by lowering the fee of therapy that originally was too much for clients to afford, and reducing all overhead cost for therapists and allowing them to focus on what’s essentially most important- your work together. Therapy should be sustainable, because why shouldn’t it be?

-Jane, Founder of Sustainable Therapy, Inc.


Revolutionizing the Accessibility of Therapy by Reducing Cost and Eliminating Distance

Accessibility of mental health has been an ongoing problem. Traditional therapy is costly, requires scheduling, and may take a while for you to find a fitting therapist. Due to limits of distance, you are bound by only a range of therapists within your area in order to make your money worth your time. Our platform revolutionizes how people can gain access and receive therapy with a touch of a button with internet connection, at an extremely competitive and affordable rate. You can now converse with a licensed therapist online, whenever and where you are, no matter how occupied your life is. We hope to make therapy easily accessible and excitedly affordable to the general public- working moms, college students, stay-at-home parents, busy folks, disabled individuals, elderly folks, or with whom previously might not have had the means or the time to obtain therapy. It offers the convenience, flexibility, and affordability that traditional therapy simply cannot offer.


Prioritizing Professionalism, Compassion, Helpfulness, and Passion in Our Work

We care deeply about your well-being. Nothing should ever compromise our quality of care to you. So we mindfully selected only a team of licensed, experienced, and qualified therapists to provide therapeutic service to you. Not only that, we make sure they really have the heart to help. Why? Because we believe our clients deserve the most professional, ethical, compassionate, helpful, and passionate clinicians to work with.


Providing Comfort with Security and Confidentiality

On top of our concern for your wellness, our priority is to protect the confidentiality of your therapeutic conversations and the security of our platform. Our platform is HIPAA-compliant (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). All of your communications with your therapist are encrypted and will stay only between you and your therapist. It is private, secure, and confidential, and always will be. Our therapists adhere to all applicable federal, state laws and local regulations, as well as following strict ethical and professional standards. Also, all existing confidentiality rules and limitations from traditional therapy apply to our online platform. You can use our platform with ease, knowing that we have your best interest in mind.


Changing the Taboos of Therapy

Mental health gets a terrible stigma. The decades-old stereotypes that give therapy a bad name still impact people about it being a weakness or a symbol of failure to attend therapy. Instead of viewing it as something negative, we believe it actually says a lot for someone to take that first step in courageously seeking support. By reaching out for help, more individuals can be presented with other possibilities, besides mere hopelessness, sadness, and utter darkness. You matter. You don’t have to face it alone. Let us accompany you on your journey.

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