Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sustainable Therapy? How can it help me? Who are the therapists? What happens after I sign up? How do I know if Sustainable Therapy fits my needs? How does it work? Can I get assigned to a specific therapist I want to work with? How long will it take for my therapist to respond to me? And how long of a message can I expect? How much will it cost? Is there a limit to the frequency and length of the sessions I can have with my therapist? English is not my native tongue, can I connect to a therapist who speaks my language? What is the role of How about security and confidentiality? How will my privacy be protected? Do you accept insurance? Is there a free trial? Can I cancel service? How about re-starting service? How can I get started with Sustainable Therapy? What if I changed my therapist? How long do I have to wait to connect to another therapist? What if my therapist isn’t attending to my needs? Why do I need a PayPal account to make payments? What differentiates Sustainable Therapy from other online counseling sites? I’m a licensed therapist. How do I apply to become a part of Sustainable Therapy’s online therapist community?